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Top 25 paralegal blogs by Criminal Justice Degree Schools

24 June 2012

Paralegal DegreeThe following is’s list of the Top 25 Paralegal Blogs:

Top 25 Paralegal Blogs

Reading industry-leading paralegal blogs from thought- leading bloggers can provide insights and career advice for aspiring paralegals who are interested in a paralegal degree and achieving a successful career in the paralegal field. Here are our picks for the top 25 paralegal blogs:

The Paralegal Ana is a senior paralegal who discusses news and trends for today’s paralegal professional.

The Paralegal Society The Paralegal Society is a forum for educating and inspiring paralegals to excel in their careers and is written by a great team of successful paralegals who share advice and tips.

Practical Paralegalism A paralegal from North Carolina talks about useful tools, interviews paralegals, and paralegal news.

The California Litigator Barbara Haubrich-Hass provides paralegal career tips, how-tos, and educational articles on important legal topics at this valuable resource for paralegals.

The Paralegal Mentor Vicki Voisin offers strategies, tips, and resources for paralegal career success.

***LegallyBlog Sami K. Hartsfield, ACP (moi!) is a NALA Advanced Certified Paralegal from Houston and shares her reviews of true crime books, recommended paralegal articles, and an in-depth instructional series on the process of discovery that is a must-read for paralegal students.

Purple Paralegal A blog following Amanda as she seeks a paralegal job in Texas.

Paralegal Pie A blog providing advice and resources for paralegals.

Paralegal-Illumunati Steven Sanchez is a paralegal investigator in Florida discussing topics like legal technology, gadgets for paralegals, and law firms using social media.

Jim’s Paralegal Blog Follow Jim, a paralegal student, as he works his way through paralegal school.

Patti’s Paralegal Page The President of the North Carolina Paralegal Association blogs about resources and tips for paralegals.

Superlegal Fun This blog provides straightforward insights into working as a paralegal, legal jokes, and paralegal career advice (see What you should know before you become a paralegal).

Paralegal Blaw Blaw Blaw A paralegal in California’s blog discussing the news in the paralegal industry and providing tips and information for paralegals.

Paralegal Hell Paralegal Hell provides witty and honest discussion about her job as a paralegal that shares both the good and bad sides of the profession.

Mom-alegal’s Blog Written by a litigation paralegal and mom, this blog discusses working at a medical malpractice firm while also juggling the demands of parenthood.

Paralegalese A paralegal in Memphis describes her work as a young paralegal.

A Paralegal’s Journey to Lawyerhood This blog follows a paralegal on her journey to earn a law degree and become a lawyer.

Sonoma Freelance Blog A freelance paralegal who describes her experience transitioning from a large LA law firm to self employment.

Parasec : The Source A blog by the president of Parasec which discusses legal research and legal topics.

The Estrin Report This blog by the Editor-in-Chief of two popular legal publications writes about career advice, industry news and issues.

Digital Paralegal Services Blog This blog by a 15-year paralegal veteran discusses the emerging trend of virtual paralegals and provides great career tips.

The Empowered Paralegal A blog written by Robert E. Mongue is an Assistant Professor of Legal Studies at the  University  of Mississippi an author of the upcoming book The Empowered Paralegal. Mongue discusses issues and news in the paralegal profession.

Paralegal How To An insurance defense paralegal writes shares practical experience with paralegals just starting their career.

A Paralegal’s Life A very honest blog that discusses some of the challenges that paralegals face while working at a law firm.

Haley Lobs Law Bomb A paralegal blog that provides great commentary on the paralegal field and also discusses the role of technology at law firms.

Honorable Mentions:

Paralegal Gateway Blog  This blog covers top news in the paralegal industry.

Paralegal Associates  Kristina Duncan talks about being a virtual paralegal and using social media to attract clients.

Paralegal Pundit  A blog sharing tips for increasing effectiveness and discussion about the paralegal profession.

Halo Secretarial Blog  Laurie Mapp, a virtual paralegal, discusses running a small business and paralegal career topics.

National Association of Freelance Legal Professionals This blog focuses on providing tips for freelance paralegals.

A Paralegal’s Blog  Although this blog no longer updates, there is a wealth of information in the archives including paralegal book recommendations and career information.

New York Paralegal Blog  This blog tracks the latest important legal news for paralegals.

ABC’s of E-Discovery  A blog for paralegals that focuses on the topic of E-discovery.

Mid Missouri Paralegals  This blog provides tips to help paralegals be more productive and effective while also discussing relevant paralegal topics.

This post generously reprinted with permission from, which has a paralegal program here in Texas as well. Thanks guys for letting me share with my LegallyBlog followers!

For more info:

CJDS Paralegal Resource Center


Sami K. Hartsfield, ACP is a senior paralegal at a consumer law firm and freelance writer based in Houston, Texas. She is a NALA Advanced Certified Paralegal, and has earned six specialty certifications since 2007: Discovery; Trial Practice; Contracts Management; Social Security Disability Law; and Entity & Individual Medical Liability. She is also WestlawNext certified. Sami has worked as a law firm Webmaster, law firm social media marketer, and a ghostwriter for personal injury law firms. She holds a degree in paralegal studies with a 4.0 GPA and a bachelor of science degree in political science, graduating summa cum laude. Sami interned with Texas’ 14th Court of Appeals under Chief Justice Adele Hedges, and completed the University of Houston Law Center’s Summer 2008 Prelaw Institute with a 4.0. You can find her on Facebook and e-mail her with questions, comments, or ideas at

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